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His underwear made me like underwear more and my body more!Being an underwear blog we have to ask these two questions: What style makes up most of your underwear drawer?

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The wildest pair of underwear I’ve modeled for Andrew Christian would have to have been the singlet.

When you think of singlet, you think of more coverage then a jock strap, but this singlet was basically a thong and a harness mixed! I probably owned 10 good pairs of underwear before entering the contest.

What pair or pairs have been your favorite to shoot?

And what is the wildest pair you have modeled for Andrew Christian?

When did you realize that you were seriously in the running to be the trophy boy?

I actually forgot about the contest after I submitted my photo and just assumed that I went unnoticed.My favorite pair to shoot in would have to be the BLOW line.I love the thick waist bands, and the mesh feels amazing!Everyone had what it took to win this competition, but the hardest part was showing people that I was different, that I was better. Were you up for being photographed in thongs, jocks and mesh underwear?Yes, Andrew Christian has some skimpy styles and I was totally down to be in (or out) of all of them.For a while I thought modeling only consist of taking good photos, but since entering the contest I realized it’s much larger than that.