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Deb has long been a polarizing character on Dexter.

On one hand, we love her because of how much she loves her brother and because Dexter loves her. On the other hand, Deb's been difficult since Day One.

Lucky for pro-Deb viewers, it's what she does after she almost kills herself and her brother that we see even the slightest glimmer of hope.

Vogel convinces Deb that no matter what, she will always choose Dexter and that given the chance to re-do the standoff with La Guerta, Deb would still kill the officer of the law instead of her brother.

So she ran and shut her door and rang the police and was like, ' There’s someone in my house you need to come.' So the police are like, ' OK stay on the phone like we’re going to come to your house.' They got to her door and they were like, ' Your door’s locked we don’t think anyone will to be in there.' She said, ' No someone’s here I give you permission to knock down my door.' So they knocked down her door and she heard like some scuffling, like someone being pinned down.

The policeman came up to her room and knocked on the door and said like, ' It’s the police, you’re fine, it’s safe like we’ve got the man you can open the door.' They were like, ' It’s fine he’s not here anymore but we still don’t think you should stay the night here.' And she was like, ' OK that’s fine but can I see what he’s done downstairs?

She locks her bedroom door and calls the cops, who arrest him.

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