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Kaj felt his cock jerking -- stiffening and stretching inside his pants. Quiet sighs and moans were heard from the audience. And suddenly Gitte's cries of ecstasy cut through the funky music: "I'm coming! Bjarne stood up, savoring the sight of Gitte, lying half naked and quivering in front of him. Inch by inch Bjarne's cock penetrated Gitte's cunt. " Grabbing her ankles, he forced her legs even wider apart.

" Pressing his face against her pussy, Bjarne buried his tongue deep inside her. Jan felt his cock stretching and pushing against the fabric of his pants. She began to masturbate, as Bjarne stared deep into her eyes. "You'd better get ready ..." He zipped down the fly in his overalls. for the cock." The entire room gasped as Bjarne produced his semi-erect cock. Bjarne grabbed it with his huge fist, stroking it until it was hard as a rock. She massaged her clit vigorously, her warm juices running down her thighs and over the desk. Gitte was not a tall woman, and Bjarne's enormous cock made her look even smaller. The dark blue head must have been the size of a pool ball -- and beneath the wide shaft bluish veins throbbed, giving it a bumpy and brutal look. The red-haired hooker's client sat gasping, his mouth wide open, as she vigorously jerked him off. Gitte slurped around his cock, her saliva making it glisten in the red stage lights. By now about half of the men had their members out, shamelessly masturbating. A man in the back row bent forwards, his cock spitting semen in long, hard spurts. She was dressed up as a decent, yet slightly saucy secretary: Her hair in a tall hairdo, big horn-rimmed glasses, a low-cut silk blouse, miniskirt, black nylons and heels. But they had agreed on just a few lines in English for the benefit of the tourists.

He put on a record -- some slow, groovy funk music -- the horniest music they could find. Only the small stage remained lit by the soft, deep red light, reminiscent of a brothel. Kaj found an empty chair in the middle of the room. Seconds later, Gitte nonchalantly strolled on to the stage floor. " Bjarne asked in his deep, rough voice." Kaj and Jørgen had discussed whether to have dialogue at all -- knowing that their native Danish would be incomprehensible to most of the audience. "I really didn't call anyone." "Have I come here to no avail? Gitte got up from her chair, brushing a loose lock of hair from her face.

" Gitte's eyes opened wide as she stared at the huge member. "Surely, miss -- you didn't think I was done with you, did you? He lifted up her shapely bottom and guided his swollen member up underneath her.

" He grabbed her and placed her on the desk, face down.

It twitched uncontrollably, and now it released the first, long spurt of semen. Swelling and jerking, Bjarne's cock pumped white-hot sperm across Gitte, who writhed lustfully on the desk.

" He pulled the huge member all the way out of Gitte. He put his hands on the hips of his overalls and watched his fat cock.

She's back in the dressing room getting ready." The "dressing room" was a small storage room they'd equipped for the day with folding chairs and tables, mirrors and a small fridge with beer and mineral water. The clacking noise of the machine cut through the music. He was a tall, muscular man, dressed in worn overalls.