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Concordia, the supplier of hydrocortisone sodium phosphate, has confirmed that it has stopped manufacture until Q3 2018 due to difficulties in sourcing the active ingredient for its liquid injectable hydrocortisone.The company has run out of remaining warehoused stocks of 1ml ampoules of hydrocortisone sodium phosphate and expects it will be unable to resume supply until Q3 2018.

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Guidance for GPs on what to prescribe can be found in the ADSHG’s GP Care leaflet.GPs are reminded that none of the alternative liquid injectable steroid preparations, eg Hydrocortistab (hydrocortisone acetate) are suitable for emergency use, being slow-acting preparations for joint injections.Awareness-raising as a goal At the time Sue was recovering from chemotherapy, which she underwent for triple negative breast cancer.Her lowered immune resistance from the chemotherapy meant she could no longer take public transport with any confidence and could not return to work as an early years consultant, so she felt a bit stuck at home.Lightbulb moment Just after Christmas at the end of 2015, Sue and I were chatting about the book and we had a lightbulb moment; we would see if we could get some celebrity chefs to give us their favourite recipes to use in the book.

This would make the book more marketable and intriguing. Altogether, I believe she sent around 2000 emails, including one to each of the political party leaders in the UK!Setting up a direct debit, via the Charity Aid Foundation bank secure Smart Debit online portal, is a simple matter of ticking a box, confirming your name and address details and entering your bank sort code and account number.Your account details are handled solely by the bank and are not stored by our website. If you already pay by standing order you will need to cancel the standing order at your bank as this cannot be done by the ADSHG.The idea was that we would seek recipes from both our members and “names” from within the health sector.It was as much about raising awareness of the condition as about a financially viable recipe book.Questions or queries For membership queries or for any account sign-in issues please contact the membership team or webmaster respectively using the contact us form here... Over the summer in 2015, my friend Sue Chambers began work on a charity cookbook for ADSHG.