Talk one on one withhorny

I thought wow one of them must have a very big dick.

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They slowly walked over to where we were standing, Sandy said are you sure you want to do this? They got over to where we were I said this is Sandy do what you want to her.

The first said hi Im John and the other said hi Im Jim.

After her top slide down I noticed her nipples were hard and showing through her tube top.

I knew she was getting horny and liked the way the two guys kept looking at her.

After about an hour I knew she was getting real horny, I noticed she had turned around and was looking at the guys playing pool, I looked around there wasnt anyone around but the four of us I ask her if shed like for me to help her get those two guys to screw her. With that I walked up behind Sandy and pulled her tube top down to her waste showing her tits.

She said what are you doing, I told her I wanted those two guys to see her tits and nipples.

Im going to have them come over and play with your tits and nipples and have them suck on them.

She didnt say anything but I felt her shudder I knew she wanted them to play with her, they were watching as I pulled her tube top down baring her tits unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, I ask them if they wanted to come over and play with her hairy pussy and suck on her tits.

She said John started the small end of the bottle in inserted it up to where it started to get bigger and fucked her with it like that till she got real wet and slippery.

She said she got so tuned on she wanted John to fuck her with the whole bottle.

I moved closer to the tent so I could hear what was happening.