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On the roof, Dipper and Tyrone talk about their chances with Wendy and realize things went more smoothly without a plan.

After drinking their sodas, Tyrone melts from the inside, and tells Dipper to remember what they talked about.

Dipper eventually melts them all, except for Tyrone.

As everything is prepared, Dipper runs into Wendy waiting for the bathroom and talk like "normal people" where they reveal some secrets such as Wendy looking like a dork and Dipper's birthmark.

Once Wendy can use the bathroom, all the Dipper clones assault the real Dipper for not obeying the list and lock him in a closet, but he escapes and it eventually leads to a big clone fight.

He says the last step is to ask her to dance with him.

Dipper daydreams that he and Wendy will dance on a classy dance floor with Soos in the background playing a trombone.

Meanwhile, Mabel stands up for her two new friends and fights for the Party Queen title in their honor, instead of having the popular girl and her group win.

This episode begins with Stan, Soos, and Wendy setting up for a party at the Mystery Shack (as a means of raking in money). Unable to ditch the ticket stand due to his promise to Stan, he decides to use the copier machine to create a Dipper clone, who names himself Tyrone. They decide that Tyrone will manage the ticket stand, while Dipper hangs out with Wendy. Dipper and Tyrone plan to create two more copies to take Robbie's bike so he'll run after it and leave Wendy with Dipper. Dipper and Mabel pretend to barf on each other using silly string and Wendy eventually joins in. Stan tells them to stop wasting the party supplies, takes the silly string away and then tells Dipper and Mabel to make copies of the flyers for the party. We inherit our sex lives: from movies and books, from past lovers, from porn. Created by acclaimed theatremakers Eleanor Bishop ( combines live performance and projection, offering a fearless new gaze on contemporary romance.