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Here his passion for photography resulted in him being cruelly imprisoned for stealing a Picto Box, but after being freed he became an essential character to the game’s storyline.

He also assisted players through the use of the Tingle Tuner; a helpful device that used the Game Boy Advance to drop bombs, heal Link and grant other bonuses.

also fleshed out much of the Tingle mythos, giving him his own island home – the creatively titled “Tingle Island”.

According to director, Eiji Aonuma, Tingle seemed like a natural fit for the role.

“It was like he wasn’t even acting,” Aonuma claimed.

“Tingle was certainly an interesting character to work with,” said director Masahiro Sakurai.

“We tried to show off his unpredictable nature in the way he causes random effects when summoned.

“The whole balloon thing was actually his idea – he just walked into the studio with a whole bunch of balloons tied to his back.

We all thought that was pretty f***ing hilarious so we decided to run with it.” With his charming magic words of “Kooloo-Limpah!

“He told me I would be fired unless I immediately brought fifty empty bottles to his office”, said one ex-Vanpool employee.

“When I asked what they were for he just stared directly at me and said ‘to keep the fairies, of course.’” The final game was quite well received by audiences, who praised the bizarre “Love Push” system and the way different characters could use their strengths to solve puzzles, but it was clear Nintendo was frustrated with Tingle.

The life and legacy of Tingle isn’t extensively documented and leaves many unexplored questions. Just as the tale of the Hero of Time and the Triforce is constantly being retold, so too is the story of this unsung legend. His dreams of fantastical worlds and becoming a fairy persisted into adulthood where he attempted to kickstart his acting career while working as a balloon salesman.